The Prof. Dr I.H.Ph. Diederiks-Verschoor Award is granted annually by the IISL Board of Directors.

The Award is given to the best paper accepted for presentation at the Institute’s Colloquium by an author not older than 30 years and who has not published more than five papers in the Proceedings of IISL Colloquia.

A medal is donated each year by the initiator of the Award, Prof. Oscar Fernandez Brital from Argentina.

The Awards regulations and nomination form can be found below:

Previous Diederiks-Verschoor Award winners

2019 Thea Flem Dethlefsen (Denmark) for her paper titled On-Orbit Servicing: Repairing, Refuelling And Recycling The Legal Framework
2018 Andrea Capurso (Italy) for his paper titled The Non-Appropriation Principle: A Roman Interpretation
2017 Claudiu Mihai Taiatu (Romania) for his paper titled Space Traffic Management: Top priorty for safety operations
2016 Pierfrancesco Breccia (Italy) for his paper titled Article III of the Outer Space Treaty and its relavance in the international space legal framework
2015 Dimitri Linden (Belgium) for his paper titled  The Impact of National Space Legislation in Private Space Undertakings: A Regulatory Competition Between States?
2014 Joyeeta Chatterjee (India) for her paper titled Legal Issues Relating To Unauthorised Space Debris Remediation
2013 Elena Carpanelli and Brendan Cohen for their paper titled The Notion of Damage Caused by a Space Object under the 1972 Liability Convention
2012 Olavo de Oliveira Bittencourt Neto (Brazil) for his paper The Elusive Frontier: Revisiting the Delimitation of Outer Space
2011 Irina Kerner (Germany) for her paper Supranational Space: Why the Powers of the EU are Not Quite Parallel
2010 Philip de Man (Belgium) for his paper The commercial exploitation of outer space and celestial bodies – a functional solution to the natural resource challenge
2009 Catherine Doldirina (Russia) for her paper A rightly balanced intellectual property rights regime as a mechanism to enhance commercial earth observation activities
2007 Fabio Tronchetti for his paper The non-appropriation principle under attack using article II of the Outer Space Treaty in its defence
2006 Yun Zhao for his paper Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Outer Space
2005 Zeldine O’Brien for her paper Consumer protection and the limitation of liability in the national regulation of the space industry
2004 Atsuyo Ito for her paper Legal Aspects of the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters
2003 Gérardine Meishan Goh for her paper Tintallë – Kindling International Security with Space Law
2002 Ricky Lee for his paper The ius ad bellum in outer space: the interrelation between Article 103 of the Charter of the United Nations and Article IV of the Outer Space Treaty
2001 Alvaro Fabricio dos Santos (Brazil) for his paper Brazil and the Registration Convention.

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